Hello and welcome to my Dorset photographer page. On this page of my site you can view a selection of my pictures of Dorset.

I am fortunate enough to live in the lovely county of Dorset, and enjoy photographing not only the iconic Dorset landmarks but also the lesser known but equally picturesque parts of Dorset I have discovered over the years.

Dorset landmarks I have photographed include

  • Lulworth Cove
  • Durdle Door
  • Kimmeridge Bay
  • The yellow fields of Dorset
  • Dorset Red Post
  • The Purbecks
  • The Jurassic Coast
  • The stunning coastline of West Dorset
  • Portland and Portland Bill
  • Swanage Bay
  • And lots of bits in between

I have other pages on my website which are dedicated to the photographs I have taken in specific locations in Dorset, namely Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks. This page is just a set of 12 pictures taken in Dorset.

The images you can view on this page of Dorset photographs are mainly landscape photography images, which are used in my commercial stock photography work, as well as in publications for clients.

I have also carried out numerous architectural photography commissions in Dorset, including some very special local Dorset buildings.

I have restricted the number of images on my Dorset page to 12, which was a struggle to be honest. I wanted to include a variety of commercial, architectural, interior, landscape and building construction photography images. But then I had a rethink. People searching on the internet for pictures of Dorset are probably after nice landscape images, not the façade of some brand-new building.

I do update the content of my web pages regularly, so the photography you can see now will change, normally once or twice a year. This set of photos of Dorset was added to this web page in February 2017, so if you are reading this in January 2018 I clearly have not updated the page!

I was also going to include a couple of black and white landscape photography images, but these now have their own page which is called, very imaginatively, Black and white landscape photography in Dorset.

I know!

One other thing I need to mention before I forget is that if you head on over to my photography blog you will find a daily post, quite often including a new picture taken in Dorset.

Why do I have a web page just for Dorset?

The purpose of my Dorset photography page is to share a selection of professional photography pictures of Dorset which people might not have seen before – I doubt you will see a similar selection of Dorset photos on one web page!

And that is one of the benefits of being a freelance photographer – I can pretty much put what I want on my website!

Well not quite but you know what I mean.

I did not want to just include 12 pictures of iconic Dorset landmarks – you can see these in so many places, so I have added some lesser known locations which I will describe below.

The set of images on this page were assembled in December 2016, and include old and new images taken in Dorset. And yes, if you are concentrating you will know that earlier on I said that this web page was updated to what you are reading in January 2017. And to be honest it was February 2017. That is how long it took me to select 12 Dorset photos for this page of my website.

How I went on picking my 12 Dorset images.

Firstly, why 12? Well why not? It could be 9. Now hold on a minute, nine images in a grid 3*3. I had enough trouble getting down to 12!

But 12 it is. And the images will change over the next month. The initial images are old edits. Now that I have uploaded this set of images and added the text for this page, I am going to revisit the edits one by one at my own pace and replace the images.

This is the nice bit.

So, a bit about each of the images is in order I think.

The text below is describing the images in date order of capture, not the order they appear in the gallery as I change the sequences to keep things fresh.

Kimmeridge Bay at sunrise

The first image (in date order that is) was taken on the beach at Kimmeridge Bay just after sunrise. This is one of favourite views of Kimmeridge. Problem is I couldn’t choose between the two shortlisted images. I will either post the image with the waves crashing up in front of the camera, or the one with the rock in the foreground with the water flowing over it. It will be one or the other, or both if I change my mind. Either way it will be a picture from this famous stretch of Dorset coastline.

The view looking towards Kimmeridge from the Purbeck Hills

Another definite favourite is the view looking towards Kimmeridge from somewhere on the road between East Lulworth and Steeple. A great view with nice clouds and good light. From the Purbeck Hills you get great views towards the coast looking south, as well as great views to the north, east and west – it is such a special place.

The Cerne Giant - another world-famous Dorset landmark

A picture of a giant on a hill his bits out!

This image shows the ancient giant from the road below, giving context to the location. When you go to see the Cerne Giant, which is in a lovely area by the way, it is surprising how big the giant is.

The view from the cliffs overlooking the beach at West Bay at sunset

Another sunny landscape image is the picture from the top of the cliffs overlooking the entrance to Bridport Harbour and West Bay. This is a lovely warm early summer view of the cliffs, sea and beach.

The beach at West Bay

Back to the coast again, which is not unusual in Dorset! Next is the view from the beach looking back to where the last picture was taken. Taken on a not so sunny late summers day early in the morning, which is fine as I don’t like plain blue skies all the time. I like some cloud and interest in my landscape photography skies.

The beach at Durdle Door is the next image.

Not Durdle Door but the beach and the darkness of the blue hour post sunset. A very dark and atmospheric picture of the Jurassic Coast.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

As I often say – everyone loves a lighthouse – is next. This is the square on view from the side for a change, with lovely clean bright summer light and some interest in the sky. Obviously architectural photography is my equal favourite with landscape photography. Portland Bill Lighthouse is owned and operated by Trinity House.

Field near Bere Regis

Next is a newly edited image, a picture of a late summer field under a wispy blue sky. This picture was taken near Bere Regis in what I call central Dorset. Whilst this is a Dorset landscape image it is also not location specific. And I will return to this exact spot over the course of 2017 and capture the different seasons.

Dorset Red Post

A new image that I have never published listed before. Well an old image but new to the world. I know what I mean. I might go and re-shoot this post, but this will do for now. I have always liked my pictures of the Dorset Red Post, but chose this image which I have never edited before. I had completely forgotten that the other images I have posted were the wider shots when the thing of most significance on this shot is the small central plaque with the words, “Dorset Red Post” no less. And the red post of course.

Durdle Door

The next image is Durdle Door. I couldn’t resist to be honest.

The world famous iconic Dorset landmark. And this is why. Just stunning.

I have many edits of my pictures of Durdle Door, so the picture you see on this page will probably change over the year. Whichever image I choose it is such a great subject you will always see a great picture of this world famous iconic Dorset landmark here.

The shop at Lulworth Cove – Cove Fish

Next is the shop at Lulworth Cove called Cove Fish. I wanted a picture of Lulworth Cove, but not necessarily actual Lulworth Cove itself. Most people pass this building on their way down to Lulworth Cove. Well this is what I have seen, but hopefully enough people go into the shop and buy some of the lovely fresh fish on sale.

I like the mood and the feel of this picture. I know – how did a property photography image work its way into my Dorset gallery??

Bats Head, photographed from near Durdle Door looking west towards Weymouth.

This is dramatic, bright, vibrant morning sunshine illuminating the spectacular Jurassic Coast. Another picture I really like, and one for the Dorset Photographer page of my website. This picture of the Jurassic Coast is made by that dramatic morning light.

Bats Head is a great subject to photograph.

How you can buy my pictures of Dorset?

If there is a picture of Dorset you would like to purchase please get in touch with and I can provide a quotation. And of course, if you have a photography assignment you would like to employ a professional photographer to carry out for you again get in touch and I can discuss pricing either on a half day rate, full day rate, a fixed price or a price per image. Please speak to me first about what you are looking for and how I may help you. I guarantee you will be able to find a cheaper photographer than me in Dorset, but price is not why people hire me – it is for my skills as a professional photographer, my experience and my high quality, professional service.

Please don’t forget, I am an independent, freelance, professionally qualified photographer based in and working in Dorset.

Ok I am beginning to sound like a salesman so I will stop. Thank you for reading this far down the page, and I hope you enjoy my pictures of Dorset.

If there is anything I can help you with just get in touch with me – I respond to everyone who takes the time and trouble to contact me.

And keep coming back to this page as I will change and improve the images over the year of 2017

Rick McEvoy Photography 2017

Dorset Photographer