A general post about the commercial photography work I do and what is coming up on my photography blog – don’t worry it will make sense honest!

I appear to have been writing lots of themed posts recently. I wanted to get back to the nuts and bolts of my photography work briefly for those of you who are new to my blog.

The areas of commercial photography work I specialise in are

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Interior photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Stock photography
  • Travel photography

A lot of my commercial photography work is never published for commercial reasons, so reading my blog you might think that I am just someone who writes about pictures he has taken and that I am not an actual photographer.

Hence this blog post.

So I am a photographer. I also write about photography, Lightroom and Photoshop on my daily photography blog.

Talking of which, there are going to be some changes coming up in the content of my photography blog.

I am going to write a series of posts all about my construction product photography work.

Then there will be a series of posts all about my interior photography work, and the new set of mages on my interior photography web page.

And then after that I am going to be concentrating for some time on one single photography trip I have recently had the pleasure of going on. And at the same time I am going to enter the world of luminosity masks.

I am going to start this piece of work, with the luminosity masks added in for good measure, mid June. I am going to give myself the luxury of six weeks to write about this on my blog. I am very excited to be doing this and giving myself time to completely process a photography trip.

When I say I am giving myself 6 weeks, I must clarify that this is in addition to day to day work etc.

Once I have done this I need a plan for some of my other trips. I need to spend some proper time on the images I have – I might schedule out one month per trip. Hmmm I sense another schedule coming on here. Yet another one. That is the last thing I want!

I am also trying to update my web pages, having updated the following pages

Home page

Construction Product Photographer

Dorset photographer

Hampshire photographer

Interior photographer (see above)

I am going to try to get my commercial photography pages updated, starting with the images on each web page, followed by the text.

All this while working full time – lots to do then!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 25th May 2017

What is the camera gear I use most often in my commercial photography work?

I am often asked what gear I use for my commercial photography work.

Well here is the list of my most frequently used photography equipment. This is not all my gear – far from it. But this is what I use for 95% of my commercial photography work.

And this is what goes with me everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

I have added Amazon links to each item so you can find out more about them and buy them if you want to!

Canon 6D

Canon 17-40mm lens

Canon 24mm tilt shift lens

 Canon 24-105mm lens

 Canon 70-200mm lens 

Manfrotto 190 Go Tripod 

Manfrotto geared tripod head

Sunway Foto L bracket

Manfrotto 200PL Quick Release plates

Spudz lens cloth

Neewer foldable optical viewfinder

Lastolite grey card


Gaffer Tape

Platypod Pro

Manfrotto Pixie

Pec Pads

Lens cleaning fluid

All packed in my Peak Design Everyday Backpack

I also use my iPhone 7 Plus on every shoot - something for another post, sometimes housed in a specific case - don't worry I will explain.

And to keep me nice and warm

Red North Face hat

And for my feet I wear my trusty Caterpillar boots

I will expand on this in  another post – I just needed to get this list out there along with links to buy from Amazon.

RIck McEvoy Photography

My photography gear for my commercial photography work

Sunday 21st May 2017

The last update on my Dorset Photographer page I promise - I am all done now!

Last week I wrote about the things I needed to do to finish the Dorset Photographer page of my website.

I decided that I would give myself to today to get this sorted. 

So how have I got on? 

These were the 10 things I had to do. 

1 - Edit the following images

  • The picture of the beach from the cliffs at West Bay
  • Two pictures of Durdle Door.
  • The picture of Bats Head.

I have done this. And also the sunset picture looking towards Brownsea Island.

2 - Delete the pictures of Millionaires Row in Sandbanks and the Port of Poole at sunrise (well remove from the collection in Lightroom).

Done. Literally in seconds. I did this first. The easy job! 

3 - Caption and title all the images in Lightroom.

All done.  

4 - Sequence the images. Very important. I have a range of subjects in this set that need to be sequenced so the collection works as a whole.

Done, although I will change the order of the images at my leisure! 

5 - Export the images from Lightroom to upload to my website.

6 - Produce black and white images of all the final edits which are to be added to my black and white landscape photography in Dorset web page.

Done again.  As I had captioned the black and white pictures at the same time as the colour images they were ready to go. When I produced the black and white versions of the pictures they were saved to the collection with the colour images. All nice and neat and orderly. 

7 - Add the 24 images to my stock companies – this is very important as this is something I am not doing that I need to get into the routine of doing every time I produce work suitable to place for sale in stock markets. (Not stock markets – if it was I wouldn’t be writing this stuff every day!).

I need to get myself set up to quickly export these images to two stock sites that I use. I will write separately about this.

For now though I have not done this. But I will explain. Trust me. 

8 - Once the images are uploaded onto my Dorset photographer web page each one needs a title and description within the template of my Squarespace website.

All done. 

9 - Each image also needs a paragraph of descriptive text adding to my webpage, complete with helpful and relevant links.

All done. 

10 - Delete the old images and text.

Done. Blimey. Nearly at the end of this mammoth task. Although it took a while I did quite enjoy it and the work itself gives me plenty of material to write about on my bog, not that I am short of content!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Saturday 20th May 2017