Getting my daily blog posts back on track – a brief rethink and regroup

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be not working? I had one the other day.

Lightroom was slow. Photoshop was a nightmare. My PC seemed to be creaking. Then Excel joined the not working party.

And I was hardly on top form myself.

All of which resulted in lots of frustrating, unproductive work.

So this Monday morning I am going to stop and put things back together again. Starting with the schedule of what and when. I also need to get on top of my camera roll, using those things called folders, and also get back the consistency of images I post on social media.

The starting point is my schedule, which is a simple Excel Spreadsheet. So I was delighted this morning to fire up Excel to find it did not work. I shut it down and relaunched it and thankfully everything was just fine.

I have my schedule in front of me now. Good start.

I need to conclude my Dorset Photographer web page. This week.

Tomorrow I will start on the re-edits, and post all the outstanding images.

I will get this done and dusted for a final wrap up on Friday of this week.

Saturday I will post a rare picture of me at work, and then there are twelve days all about the images you can see on my construction product photographer page.

Oh yes and once a month I am going to go back a year in time and see what I was writing about on that day. That can be Sunday of this week. Why not??

And then I move onto something completely different for a good 6 weeks. Yes 6 weeks on one subject, which I am rather excited about I have to say.

So after this little break, and missing a post yesterday, I should be back on track right about now.



Monday 24th April 2017

Picture of the sunset over Brownsea Island - stunning warming colours in a relaxing English seascape scene

Due to a technical hitch/ no time this image will not be forthcoming today I'm afraid. 


But to compensate for this shoddy failure to deliver what I said I would deliver check out my image of the week at 6pm right here on my photography blog which is a brand new landscape photography image taken this week. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Sandbanks Photographer 

Friday 21st April 2017

Negotiating the time differences - and a sneak preview about a fantastic photography trip I have just come back from!

Ok. Sorry about that. Something happened that I have only just worked out. Time difference. And forgetting how the time is set in my Squarespace Blog App on my iPhone 7 Plus.

I will post the edit of this image tomorrow now. And the re-edit the day after. But basically I thought the post was being published at 11am as usual, but as I have returned to the UK from Europe where there is now a two hour time difference, meaning the post actually went at 9am.

I have been away somewhere very very nice. I will be writing extensively about this trip in May.

Probably all of May. You will see why when we get there.

So April has to conclude the Dorset Photographer page images, including the edits of the images I am going to be changing.

And I also need to write about the 12 pictures that you can find on my construction product photographer page.

I have a plan. I will schedule out the Dorset stuff in a logical fashion, then schedule 12 posts which will be the 12 construction product photography images. And then I will launch into my big feature, which will be a minimum of 4 weeks worth of posts, about the place I have just been to.

Seriously it was that good. I want to give myself time like I have never done before to spend on one thing.

My Dorset photographer page will take me to late April, then there will be the 12 construction pictures, so mid May and June I will devote to this one subject, in it’s entirety.

At the end of June 2017 I will have a complete set of fully edited images, and lots of things that I experienced and learned with this fantastic trip.

This is the list I wrote on location on morning waiting for the clouds to sort themselves out.

  • Notes
  • Month of May
  • April construction product photography
  • Write interiors
  • Thoughts
  • Gear
  • Clothing
  • Temperatur
  • Memory cards
  • Back up
  • Image capture
  • Gear didn't use
  • Gear used all the time
  • Camera
  • Leases
  • Bag
  • Tripod
  • Loupe
  • Accessories
  • Subjects
  • Learning
  • Not take obvious
  • 5am
  • Recce
  • Queues
  • Flask
  • Boots
  • Warmer clothes
  • Headphones
  • Top 20 images
  • Capture
  • Import
  • Cull
  • Select
  • Organise
  • process
  • Publish
  • 20 images one by one
  • GPS
  • Videos
  • Panos
  • iPhone 7plus
  • Video stabilisation
  • You Tube
  • Gear
  • Keywords
  • Polarising sunglasses

This is the actual list I made whilst sat on top of an island waiting. I wanted to capture my thoughts in a place where I had the time to do so.

I will come back to each and every point in this list and write about them. 

Until mid May then for this subject…..

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 20th April 2017






Rick McEvoy

Whats new in the latest updates to Lightroom and Photoshop?

I have just come back from a trip to find updates to Lightroom and Photoshop. Glad I checked before I satrted an epic image import, which I am just about to do.

This is what Adobe says about the latest update, taken directly from the Adobe website

(no point me writing/ paraphrasing something when they have done such a good job as ever!).

"The 2015 releases of Lightroom roll out several new features and enhancements that enrich your digital imaging experience. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information. "

And these are the

"Fixed customer issues"

Issues fixed in this release of Lightroom

  • Reduced the occurence of Lightroom panels intermittently appearing black on macOS. See this tech note for more details.
  • Lightroom displaying captured time as GMT instead of local lime for videos shot and imported from Apple iPhone 6
  • Can't access Auto Import Settings from the File menu
  • Lightroom Colour presets missing after update
  • Lightroom Slideshow Audio Balance Slider doesn't completely mute
  • Incorrect filename on Export issue
  • Erratic cursor movements when working on the point tone curve
  • Lightroom Tone Curve points do not move correctly with Wacom stylus
  • Tone Curve freezes after several drags
  • Lightroom crash when disconnecting device in the Import dialog.
  • Thumbnails not displaying for Live photo videos
  • Lightroom displaying incorrect dialog message when deleting image from an unsynced collection

Just thought you would like to know. I always apply updates as soon as Adobe roll them out.

I will have a look at the Photoshop updates and write about them shortly. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 20th April 2017



10 reasons why you shoud hire me to take photographs for you

Why should you hire me? What makes me different?

I will try to convince you in 10 short points. Well 10 plus the pictures on my website.

1 - I am professionally qualified in photography and construction.

2 - I have over 30 years experience in industry.

3 - I enjoy meeting and dealing with people. I’m a people person and a nice guy.

4 - I enjoy my photography.

5 - I take great pride in the service I provide.

6 - I work hard at my photography.

7 - I work even harder at my business and my clients.

8 - I only work on bespoke commissions.

9 - I have a good eye for a picture.

10 - I am technically very skilled.

If that has not convinced you then please pick up the phone and talk to me. Or email me. Or get in touch via the contact page on my website. And have a look at the photographs on my website.

By the way, this is the order I thought of these 10 things. The technical part was the last one.

I need to say here that if you are looking for the photographer who offers you the cheapest price then you have the wrong man. I work on bespoke, individually commissioned projects.

You are not hiring someone holding a camera when you hire me - you are hiring me, my personality and my experience. And my camera and all that other stuff of course!

I have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. I have been interested in photography longer than that.

I have a very broad range of commercial, industrial and technical experiences.

I have dealt with a huge range of different people in that time.

If you want to know about the cameras I use, or how I process my images then get in touch whichever way you want. But to be honest most non-photographers are not that bothered.

Quite right.

It is the images that matter.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Professional Photographer

Tuesday 18th April 2017