Another great article on it’s way on the Improve Photography website - how do I know? I have just written it!

10 ways to Improve your Photography in 2018. 

Swimming pool by Rick McEvoy Travel Photographer

Swimming pool by Rick McEvoy Travel Photographer

This was my latest article on the Improve Photography website, which you can read here

Road, Atacama Desert by Rick McEvoy Travel Photographer

Road, Atacama Desert by Rick McEvoy Travel Photographer

I enjoyed writing this article, which gave me a chance to reflect on my photography, things I have learned and things I know I need to work on.

And I love getting feedback from the readers of the website. 

Landscape photography in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography

Landscape photography in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography

I hope you enjoy the article, which was published yesterday. 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? And what is going on with Photoshop?

I have just completed a large architectural photography commission spanning four counties and 10 locations. The shoot was commissioned by an architect.

Everything went really well, and I really enjoyed this commission.

The only downside was that I had to endure the shortcomings of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC, which between them caused me endless problems, lost time, missed deadlines and huge heaps of frustration.

The question is this – where do I go from here?

If Photoshop and Lightroom were working consistently and with the new speed improvements promised by the release of Lightroom Classic I would not be considering going anywhere else.

When it works I love Lightroom. And it has worked fine since Lightroom Classic was released, but there are times when it slows down to a grinding halt. Last night at 10.30pm having slaved over 30 images for several hours over several days my PC finally and completely crashed – this was caused by Lightroom and/ or Photoshop – I know this as nothing else was open

Seriously 10.30 at night and this happened.

So I rebooted everything, started Lightroom and Photoshop and off I went again processing images as though nothing had happened.

What is going on?

What has happened to Photoshop?

The question is this -  what do I do next? Something needs to change here.

My options are as follows.

Switch to the Lightroom CC

Not an option as I wrote about earlier on this week - check out this blog post for the headline reasons why Lightroom CC is not an option for me.

Go back a version of Lightroom.

Now this is not a bad option. I of course shouldn’t have to do this, and need to remember the reason I went for the Lightroom Classic upgrade (if I can call it that) was that I was having so many problems with the previous version of Lightroom that I was desperate for a quick fix to help me do my work.

Get rid of Lightroom altogether

Failing that I get rid of Lightroom altogether and go with something else – this I really do not want to do, especially as I need Photoshop for my architectural photography work. I use it on every image.

And the small matter of having nearly 60,000 photographs in a Lightroom Catalogue with all that metadata attached to lots and lots of files.

  • Edit data
  • Keywords
  • Titles and captions
  • Ratings

I really don’t want to start again with something else.

So what am I going to do?

I am going to get in touch with Adobe and ask them. Lets see what they say?

Seems like a logical starting place before embarking on a significant change to the core and day to day management and workings of my photography business.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker?

It worked fine for a complete 20 images then LIghtroom and Photoshop both crashed fatally. Not at all happy. 

Why do they both work fine then fail so completely and utterly? Both Lightroom and Photoshop are unusable commercially unless Adobe come up with a proper fix. 

And in the meantime here I am missing deadlines, 

Photoshop is the real problem at the moment - Lightroom appears to be dragged down by it. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

5 Photography Mistakes I Keep on Making

What are these mistakes I keep on making? Check out the full article on Improve Photography.

These are the five mistakes I am referring to. 

  1. Taking too many images. 
  2. Resetting camera settings. Or rather not resetting them.
  3. Not finishing one thing before starting another.
  4. Photo Apps that I download and never use.
  5. Software. Buying it and not using it.

I have received a number of comments on this article which is great, and have got to the bottom of the most talked about mistake, taking too many images. 

I now realise that this is a bad habit I got into when I was much less experienced and much less competent than I am now. 

I just do not need to do this anymore, now that my technique is much much better.

Anyway, check out the article on Improve Photography, and also the comments from readers. And while you are there check out all the other great articles by my fellow writers. 

Rick McEvoy Photography - photography blogger

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Bearable is being generous.

This was actually from yesterday morning.

“Managed to get the edits done. Took far longer than it should. Writing this while I sit and look at my screen with the dreaded words “Not responding”.

And it is back. No sorry it’s gone again.

I am not actually doing anything in Lightroom and my screen is going blank!

All I have to do now is add the metadata and export the images. Should be a piece of cake?”

That was yesterday morning. I just ran out of time, so never finished the post.

Since then I have enabled the graphics card acceleration, and restarted Lightroom. 

Did this work? 

Pop back later to find out. 

And don’t worry - I will get off the subject of Lightroom soon. It is just baffling that when the new Lightroom Classic was added to the Creative Cloud it appeared at first to have fixed all the speed issues, but over time these problems have come back. 

As I say - all rather baffling. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker?What is the difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC?

This is the news. What is the difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC? 

If you listen to the latest episode of The Grid, which I have just done, this is the difference in a nutshell. 

Choose Lightroom CC if

  • You don’t use adjustment brushes, 
  • You don’t use virtual copies. 
  • You don’t do HDR Merge. 
  • You don’t take lots of photos in RAW. 
  • You don’t use any plug-ins. 
  • You are happy with all your photos on the cloud. 

I need all of these things, so Lightroom CC is not for me, 

That is that done then. 

This is not an exhaustive list - just the main things that I want/ need from Lightroom Classic that Lightroom CC will not give me,

At least I know now, 

For now, I am sticking with Lightroom Classic.

Once I have completed my backlog of architectural photography work I will have a a rethink, but that is me for now, 

I will post an update on how Lightroom and Photoshop have performed later on today on my photography blog, to hopefully keep you all up to date with how Lightroom and Photoshop are working. 

If you have any questions please get in touch and I will answer any questions on Lightroom and Photoshop as they are today. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker?

I am running out of ideas. This mornings woe is the continuation of the fault that caused me to just turn my computer off and walk away yesterday.

I cannot send images to Photoshop. All you are meant to do is right click and the "Edit In" options appear.

They do, but are greyed out and cannot be selected.I could yesterday. And then I couldn't.

So now I am purging the cache and resetting Lightroom.

And I have just noticed that two of the HDR Merges I did previously have disappeared.

As I said I am running out of ideas, time and patience.

Rick McEvoy Photography


Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Well Photoshop took forever to fire up this morning. But there is hope....

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? I keep asking this question. It seems to vary from day to day.

Another question on this subject. How long did it take for Photoshop to load this morning? 

5 minutes 48 seconds. 

And after all that time Lightroom, having failed to open at all, started my working day by not responding. 

I am sick and tired of having to go through this what seems like every day.

But wait. There is an update on the Creative Cloud. Update 19.01. 

Back in a second. I have to install this update - now that I have gone for the new versions of Photoshop, which was my big mistake, I need to get through the buggy phase. 

Hopefully this will sort Photoshop out.  

See Adobe - I have not lost the faith - I just need to be able to get my work done. Lets see how long this takes to install.

While I am waiting a few thoughts.

I am looking at the Lightroom CC icon thinking I have to give it a try. I do not want to put all my photos on the cloud, but this is the future. Like it or not this is the future.

I have decided that once I have sorted out the work I am trying to get through I will install Lightroom CC and see what it is like. Not sure how that will work - will I have to add my entire Lightroom Catalogue to the cloud? 

I am pretty sure that you can have Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC running at the same time. I need to get the architectural photography work out of the way first though, which I should be working on right now. 

I have 110 images to edit, which is rather a lot, especially considering the speed of Lightroom. If it behaves I should be fine, and have everything issued this week.

I am of course assuming here that the update to Photoshop works, and that Photoshop will be working just fine like it did before? 

17% complete after 6 minutes. Now that might be down to my bafflingly slow wi-if speed.

No I am not having a particularly good time of it at the moment.

At least these problems with Lightroom and Photoshop are giving me quality time to write some longer posts. For company I have Spoonman by Soundgarden being played on Nights with Alice (Alice Cooper) on Planet Rock. And I am listening to this great radio station using my  “Aftershokz Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones, AS500, Color: Black

Must go and get some work done in Lightroom - will let you know how the update went (12 minutes 31% complete). 

OK - the update is a big improvement. But I have noticed one thing that I suspected was going on. Photoshop and Lightroom between them are using 90% of my computers power, slowing everything else down.

This is in performing the heady task of opening a photo that is in Lightroom in Photoshop. Thats all. Something here is not right.

But since the update to Photoshop I have been able to use both Lightroom and Photoshop, so I have a chance of getting my work done, which is better than the situation at 5am wen I had no chance at all.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Lets try again.

OK. I have Lightroom and Photoshop back. 50 minutes later.  50 minutes of completely wasted time.

Let’s see how they perform. 

The update took 28 minutes by the way. And then it took Photoshop 2 minutes and 10 seconds to load.

It shows how bad things are that I am relieved that software loads in 2 minutes - that is so poor but so much better than before the latest update. 

Time to work. 

Wish me luck. 

Rick McEvoy Photography  

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? I wish.

Quicker? Right now it plain and simple does not work. I am having to shut it down and try again.

Adobe - I have spent 45 minutes and not got a thing done. I need to get work done.

What are you doing about this Adobe? 

Apart from charging me for the privilege of having this software that does not work.  

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? No. Neither is Photoshop.

Today I have had a bad morning with Lightroom Classic. It worked fine then it all went pear shaped. Lightroom went from slick to unworkable again.

I have had some inspiration though - when I have finished what I am working on I am going to look at going back to the previous versions of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Whilst these versions of the software were quite bad they are not as bad as the new versions, which is a worry.

Why would Adobe rush a long awaited upgrade to Lightroom making things worse.

Before the upgrade to Lightroom "Classic" - or as I now call it Lightroom Temporary (until Adobe make you put your photos on the cloud) I had hope.

Now I do not.

It is a worry and significantly affecting my work.

Not good.

Adobe - please fix Lightroom and Photoshop and stop playing around with cloud models that I would imagine most photographers are not interested in, even though we all know that at some point we will have to go to our cloud based model or leave altogether.

I am looking at leaving the Creative Cloud completely - I have no choice.

And the worst thing about all of this - we are all still paying every month for what is now quite frankly appalling software.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Not today. Today it is not a viable product for a commercial photographer

This morning Lightroom Classic has been horrendous. It was fine yesterday, I was flying through the HDR Merges. Today Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC are so slow it is a joke.

Lightroom is working to a point, but Photoshop CC just grinds to a halt. I don’t understand this as the first 10 images I cleaned up in Photoshop went just fine, then it just fell over and is now painful. 

I am sat here writing this with the dreaded “Reading Camera Raw Format” text and that ever so slow green bar. 

And of course the skinny circle thing that means I have to wait. 

Sorry to bore you with this again but Lightroom and Photoshop are important to me. It is important that they work. 

One day they work. 

The next they don’t work? 

I am going to shut the lot down and see if that helps. 

Not happy. I have work to do and do not have time for this. 

It has taken me one hour to clean up 8 images from an architectural photography shoot. One hour.

That is a joke - all that wasted time waiting. 

What are the alternatives then? I dont really know as I have not looked into this yet but it is time to. 

If this is the future of Lightroom and Photoshop I need to get something else. It has taken over a minute to save 10% of one image in Photoshop. This is horrendous.. 

Options I am aware of are

Lightroom CC

This is clearly the future of Lightroom. We all will be on it or leave the Creative Suite. It will be one or the other. And this means putting all your photos in the cloud.


Adobe want to charge you to put your photos (and videos) in the cloud. That is the future model for making money. 

The cost is not too bad (at the moment) - I think it is £10 per 1TB. 

The question is this - do I want to my photographs in the cloud? 


I want them on my hard drive. I want to take responsibility for them, and have control of where they are. I do not want to give my entire livelihood to Adobe.

So I need to look elsewhere. Which is what I am going to do. I am not putting 57,234 photos in Adobes hands - no thank you. 

Which is a shame as this is clearly the way forward, and clearly the way Adobe are thinking. 

What are the alternatives to Lightroom CC?

I will look into this and get back to you.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Here is the evidence

Yesterday I was working on a set of pictures from an architectural shoot at a fantastic Dorset wedding venue, Sopley Mill.

I took the photos as the venue was being set up for a wedding, giving me the interior set-up I needed.

The shoot went all fine, and then it was back to Lightroom Classic to import the photos and, basically, see what happened.

And check this out.

Screenshot of Lightroom Classic working very hard indeed

Screenshot of Lightroom Classic working very hard indeed

49 HDR Merges at once.


Unheard of. 

To me this is significant. 

Once I have sorted through a set of images from a shoot I have the tedious task of carrying out a number of HDR Merges.

With old Lightroom sometimes I could do ten at once, sometimes one at once.

This requires me to be sat in front of my computer spending lots of time waiting. And once completed often images would have been missed.

It was quite frankly a painful process to have to endure. 

But now things are different.

I managed to get 49 HDR Merges running at once.

Of course the actual merging takes time, but I now know that I can set a full shoot running and go and do something else, which is a huge time saver to me. 

And all 49 image pairs were actually merged. 

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? 

Yes. A lot quicker

Good news. 

Rick McEvoy Photography  


Is Lightroom Classic quicker?

Yes. This morning Lightroom Classic has been absolutely fine. I might say almost a pleasure to work with.

And how is Photoshop CC

Fine as well. 

No waiting around this morning whilst sending images over to Photoshop from Lightroom to clean up a set of architectural photography images I am working on. 

The only thing that puzzles me is this? Bearing in mind that I have not uploaded an update through the Adobe Creative Cloud this week to either Lightroom or Photoshop. 

Why are both working much much better than at the start of the week? 

What has happened? 

I haven’t changed anything? 

Answers on a postcard....... 

For now I am just happy that Lightroom and Photoshop are working so well I can get on and do my work. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? And how is Photoshop CC 2018 doing - read my update on performance from this mornings edit

Yesterday I was not happy.

And rather bizarrely today I am ok. Lightroom was much better. And Photoshop, after a slow start, was just fine. 

What is that all about? 

Not that I am complaining. The next architectural photography job is edited and ready for client issue. Now onto the next set of images... 

Lets hope Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2018 continue to work as they should.

Oh yes - forgot to say - no reply from Adobe to my “enquiry” yesterday...... 

Rick McEvoy Photography