About me, Rick McEvoy, Photographer.

I have been interested in photography all my life, and owned my first SLR at the age of 14, bought for me by my Mum and Dad. At the age of 15 I had my own darkroom, funded by Mum and Dad of course, which was squeezed into the utility room. I used to spend hours in my darkroom with all those nasty chemicals and prints hanging all over the place, alone in the dark learning my craft.

When I left school (having done dreadfully in my A Levels) I went to Art College, where I started but did not finish a Foundation Course in Art and Design. I wanted to study photography at College, but unfortunately I did not like being a penniless student (my grant at Art College was £50 for the year!), so I started work as a labourer for a local building contractor. I have since had an excellent career in the construction industry, carrying out various interesting and varied positions, including as a building surveyor and a project manager.

Whilst working in construction I always enjoyed taking photographs, and started to think seriously about professional photography in 2007. Since then I have spent significant amounts of time (and money!) learning about all aspects of the photography industry. I have taken lots of rubbish photos, lost hours and hours and hours in Photoshop doing things incorrectly, but with persistence and lots of hard work, and lots of time, I have developed my own style and professional standards which I am delighted with and proud of. All this hard work enabled me to become a professionally qualified member of the British Institute of Photography in 2013.

I am completely self-taught, and as well as taking all the photos myself I do all the editing, having learnt how to produce professional imagery using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I still use techniques from my days in the darkroom when processing images on my computer, combining these traditional techniques (dodging and burning inter alia) with cutting edge digital processing. I use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud products, and keep myself constantly up to date with new techniques and technologies.

I have developed highly effective and efficient workflows all of my own for both image taking and image processing, which have enabled me to provide high quality images and a high quality, professional service on a consistent basis.

I also do all the work on my website, which is my shop window.


Rick McEvoy LBIPP

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